not much going on…

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Went to the theater and watched UP..good movie,sad moments.



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ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Mount Redoubt has erupted twice so far Thursday morning, sending ash most recently to at least 65,000 feet, according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

The “major explosive event” occurred at 9:24, the AVO said.

Ash fall is expected between noon and 2 p.m. for the western Kenai Peninsula, including Kenai, Soldotna, Homer and Cooper Landing. An ash fall advisory is in effect for those areas until 4 p.m., and the aviation color code has been raised to red.

Additionally, the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for the Drift River Valley, meaning flooding is imminent or occurring.

Light dusting of ash for my area.

no…just no.

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Screen grab of the West Gate Bridge, Melbourne, Australia, 29 January 2009

Melbourne’s West Gate bridge has a 58m drop into the Yarra River

The father of a four-year-old girl who was reportedly thrown 58m (190ft) from a bridge in Australia into the river below has been charged with her murder.

Witnesses said a man stopped his car on Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge and threw the child over the side.

The 36-year-old suspect may have been involved in a custody dispute with his wife, Melbourne police said.

The girl died a few hours later, after being airlifted to the city’s Royal Children’s Hospital, officials said.

She had been rescued from the Yarra River in critical condition, and police spent 45 minutes attempting to resuscitate her on the riverbank before she was transported to the hospital.

Court arrest

Two other children were in the car at the time of the incident, which happened during the morning rush hour as hundreds of other motorists were using the bridge, police said.

“No one had the opportunity to intervene… it all happened fairly quickly,” Detective Inspector Steve Clark was quoted as saying by AFP news agency.

“It’s a dreadful set of circumstances, and often you think you’ve seen it all but you haven’t,” said Mr Clark.

He said the “visibly distressed” man was arrested outside a Melbourne court that deals with family matters shortly after the incident.”

Fuck that..send that guy over the courts,no jail more wasting the taxpayer’s money..No judge in their right mind would hold you guilty for manslaughter,neither would any jury. Temporary Insanity.

What’s really sad,besides the obvious..there were other kids in the car.

bulletproof technology?

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no..not really..but durable?..maybe.

For a good few years now I’ve had a PSP.It’s an original.I think I’m on my 4th year.
I have a 8GB MSPro stick for it,2x4GB sticks,1GB stick and a 32MB stick.
I haven’t used it as a gaming platform for probably 2 years now.
I have a couple of UMD movies for it.
Generally I use it for music and music videos.
I put a skin on it awhile has since came off. (I highly recommend protection and looks)

I hold this one piece of Sony electronics in a high regard as I do my Motorola RAZR..Both have been dropped numerous times on different surfaces.There is a small crack in the screen of the PSP..but it doesn’t affect playback.
The wireless quit working about a year ago,but I used that infrequently.I could send it back to the company for repair..but that’ll be a few months down the road.

Something to think about on this day

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Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy

still here..

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I don’t post here as often as I do over at Blogspot,however I’m still around.

Still alive

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it’s warmed up.
Roads are in when it gets dark,you can’t see s**t because the rain and the road surface is so black that it absorbs all available light.

Usual January thaw..Feburary should be ass cold..